10 WordPress plugins you need to try (You’re welcome!)

The cool thing about plugins is that most of them either make something easier, make it better or both. They do so by extending the functionality of software programs. This is why they’re sometimes referred to as software extensions. They benefit web designers and website owners and their users.

The main problem you might have in
selecting a useful plugin would be a need to sift through thousands of them. It
is not easy to find a “must-have” solution or at least one that would best
serve your needs.

Some plugins, like page builders or
sliders, you need to use often, if not always. Your need for others, like many
of those we’ve listed here, would typically depend on the type of your website.
Purpose, and niche matter a lot, too.

If you spot one you could use, grab it. It
could make your day!

1. Amelia

an appointment is a simple task. Taking and scheduling multiple appointments
and managing them in a way that satisfies all parties concerned is a different

Doing so manually takes time managers and
employees alike would rather spend on their core responsibilities. Manual
processes can also be error prone, which in this case could lead to unhappiness
among clients and employees alike.

Amelia is a professionally-designed
automatic booking system that’s fast, efficient, and essentially error free.
The ROI this WordPress plugin provides is in most instances nearly
instantaneous. Amelia is on the job around the clock, it matches clients with
employees, and it doesn’t make mistakes or let appointments fall through the

Amelia also manages booking changes and
cancellations, sends out reminders, collects payments online, and has been used
by more than 1000 businesses that have given it a 4.8 rating in its first 6

2. wpDataTables

“powerful”, and “game-changing” are adjectives you see all too often in
software product ads and even in reviews. In the case of the wpDataTables
WordPress plugin however, they seem to fit quite nicely.

Here are several situations you might
typically encounter where wpDataTables will really strut its stuff:

You need to create a table or tables based on massive amounts of complex
data (and do so relatively quickly).

Data you’ll be using can come from a variety of sources and in a variety
of formats.

You want to build a table (or chart) that’s totally responsive,
interactive, and front-end editable so it can easily be changed or updated.

Your table or chart should fit in nicely with the overall appearance of
your site (i.e., it’s customizable and responsive) and key data elements or
functions should be color coded or otherwise highlighted.

In other words, you’re looking for a plugin
that’s advanced, powerful, a game changer, and has been used by more than
20,000 businesses and individuals.

That’s why we recommend trying

3. NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro

a software solution is available in both free and premium versions, it usually
makes sense to try the free version first. That may be true for the NextGEN
WordPress gallery plugins as well. The free version, NextGEN Gallery, has the
tools to take your gallery building projects a long way. It allows you to
manage and display thousands of images in various gallery and album styles and

The premium version, NextGEN Pro, offers
more as you would expect, thanks to its comprehensive set of software extensions
that give you a wealth of gallery-building tools, options and additional
approaches to building award-winning galleries.

There’s also a middle approach in which for
a fee a bundle of Pro extensions can be used with the free version. Once you’ve
settled on a NextGEN solution that works best for you, you should never have to
search for another gallery-building software solution.

4. MapSVG WordPress map plugin

terms of map-making options, MapSVG may well offer more than any map-producing
WordPress plugin or software solution on the market. The MapSVG WordPress
plugin lets you incorporate customized interactive vector maps, Google maps,
and image maps into your website designs.

You can also make maps from PNG and JPEG
files, add markers and directory information to existing maps, and overlay
custom SVG files on Google maps with this handy WordPress plugin.

5. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress

the power of being able to change design elements automatically based on who’s
visiting your site. With Logic Hop for WordPress you can! Sound difficult?
Logic Hop makes it easy with ready-made recipes, smart CTAs and conditional
CSS. Personalize your site using geolocation, social media posts, visitors
actions, and even what they’re interested in. Wow your visitors and clients!
Try it free for 14 days and take your designs to the next level.

Rank Math SEO

Math’s Content Analysis feature makes it much easier to overcome the challenges
associated with a website’s SEO and writing SEO-friendly content. This
WordPress plugin can do much more than that however.

Rank Math is a veritable Swiss Army knife
of search engine optimization tools designed to make your websites as SEO
friendly as possible.

7. Heroic FAQs

a business’s website attracts more visitors, its owner is often faced with
having to respond to more questions, the bulk of which are repetitive. The
Heroic FAQs plugin is a real time saver in this respect.

Heroic FAQs is an excellent tool for
creating website FAQ pages. Using drag and drop, you can assemble, order, and
categorize questions and answers and add images and videos as appropriate.

8. Heroic Knowledge Base

you’ve been looking for a WordPress knowledge base plugin to beef up your
online presence you can stop right here. With the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin,
you can create a knowledge base to help users find information they are looking
for or of interest to them and do so rapidly thanks to its super-speedy Ajax
search feature.

You can also get feedback that will help
you determine where your website needs improvement.

9. Blog2Social – Smart social media automation for WordPress

and more website owners post on one or more social media networks to get their
messages across. Blog2Social gives you access to all 16 major social media

With the help of its social media calendar,
you can schedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and the other social media
networks at the times and in the formats you choose. Share your posts
effectively, efficiently, automatically, and error free.

10. WordLift

you’ve been wondering when or if you’d be able to put the power of artificial
intelligence to good use, here’s your chance. WordLift is an AI-driven
WordPress plugin that measures a website content’s performance in a way that
enables you optimizing the content, improve your website’s navigation, and
boost search engine rankings.


should be at least one of these best in their class plugins that could make
your day. That being the case, imagine the potential rewards if you find
several you could put to good use.

What these software extensions have in
common is the ability to make your work easier, extend the features and
capabilities of a website to benefit its owner and users, or all the above.