Create a custom logo from scratch (Part 2)

Yesterday we started off a guide to creating a custom logo from scratch. We are excited to continue our journey today with more super useful tips. Off we go!

Use symbols to create custom logos

What makes the following logos original is something very simple:  the symbol. A symbol can be anything from an apostrophe, an equal sign, a dot, to an infinity symbol, an omega, a question mark or exclamation, a parenthesis, a minor or major sign, etc. These symbols can be added to the logo letters or replaced with a letter. I leave you with some examples:

custom logo

In Illustrator you can insert character symbols using the Glyphs panel (from the Text> Glyphs menu).

4 Replace letters with images and symbols

An excellent technique for making a logo professional is to replace a letter with an image or a vector symbol. If you want to use this technique I advise you not to change the first and last letter of the logo. Here are some examples of famous brands that have exploited this technique:

custom logo

Adding tracks to the logo

In this paragraph, I will explain how by applying traces or frames it is possible to give your logo a particular touch of originality. What characterizes the logos below is exactly the use of these particular effects easily to apply with Adobe Illustrator.

custom logo

In Illustrator, you can manage tracks using two panels: the Track panel (Window> Track)  and  Appearance (Window> Appearance).

Draw a custom circular logo

The circular logos are often used to confer legitimacy and compliance status. Think, for example, of logos for coffee, car manufacturers or rock bands.

custom logo

Do you want to create a circular logo with text? Let’s see how.

First of all, you need to draw the shape on which to enter the text. Illustrator allows you to run a text over a path (open or closed).

I suggest you some links from which you can download circular vector logos to modify

How to make a custom logo using geometric shapes

Some successful logos are accompanied by geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles or triangles.

custom logo

We have already said that a logo, to work, must be simple and reproducible in different sizes. Exploiting geometric shapes, allows you to obtain effective results while maintaining a certain simplicity and harmony.

Each geometric shape has a certain meaning:

The square represents safety, stability, and reliability.

The circle indicates completeness, freedom or infinity, but also movement and protection.

The triangle is a dynamic form and can suggest growth, progress, action, movement, direction or tension.

You can integrate the geometric shapes in the logo to replace letters, or place them side by side or put them on the writing.

A useful tip.

Many do not know it, but in Illustrator it is possible to manage the sides of polygons and stars dynamically during the drawing phase. If you want to quickly create a triangle, a hexagon or a pentagon, you can, at the same time as you click and drag on the page, use the up and down arrows to set the number of sides.

This way you can quickly make a triangle or a hexagon!

Furthermore, using the Tracking Processing Panel you can create complex shapes in no time. If you want to go deeper into the Tracking panel I have written a guide that explains all its functions.

Do you want to download ready-made bundles of symbols and geometric shapes? Here are the most useful links.

Coloring a logo: how important it is to know and know how to match colors

Do you know that 80% of people buy a product based on its color?

Yes, exactly!  This happens because each color corresponds to an emotion, a feeling, and a state of mind.

You, therefore, understand that choosing the color of a logo is fundamental. Omitting this step can have dystonic effects on the message that the brand will transmit to customers and to its market.

Let’s see what are the links between colors and emotions:

  • Yellow  transmits optimism, clarity, and trust;
  • Orange  conveys friendship, joy, and confidentiality;
  • Red  transmits excitation and energy;
  • Purple  conveys creativity, imagination, and wisdom;
  • Blue  conveys confidence, reliability, and strength;
  • Green  transmits tranquility, growth, and health;
  • Gray transmits balance, neutrality, and calmness.

Want to learn more about choosing the color of a logo? Then you must read this guide by Web Design Ledger.

Once the branding process is complete, you must be able to present your logo in a professional manner. We hope that you found our guide helpful and that you will come to visit us again soon. Until later,