Every single day, we have to come into our jobs needing to be creative.

And it’s hard to always have that kind of pressure on us. A lovely, lovely pressure that we obviously love having.

But sometimes, just like writers, we go through some type of block.

I like to call it a creativity block.

So today, I want to go over what you can do when you go through a creative design block, and unexpected places to find it.

So today, I want to go over what you can do when you go through a creative design block, and unexpected places to find it. Let’s do it!

1. Vintage Magazines & Posters

design inspiration vintage magazines

design inspiration vintage magazines

There’s a reason we all feel a little nostalgic and proud when we find a vintage diamond in the rough.

Everyone loves a blast to the past, and you can do that through your work.

One place that you can find unique designs and inspiration from is vintage literature.

vintage posters graphic design inspiration

vintage posters graphic design inspiration

Whether it’s a poster or magazine, take a deep look at these vintage pieces, find the smallest details and be inspired by them.

I recommend taking a stroll through your local thrift shop and take a look through the vintage literature.

You’re bound to find something there, a hidden gem, that will make your work have that extra pizzaz that you need.

2. Construction & Home Decor Stores

Another crazily unexpected place that you can find design inspiration is at construction or home goods stores.

I know, sounds crazy, but hear me out.

I don’t think I speak just for myself when I say that seeing modern home decor totally inspires my inner designer.

Some of the shapes and designs of home decor just get my design wheels spinning.

Whether it’s a shape, a color scheme, or just a walk around the store, I feel like I always come home with a good idea that I need to immediately jot down.

where to find design inspiration

where to find design inspiration

So my advice is that you look down an aisle with things you love, whether it’s little knick-knacks and toys, or lights and chandeliers, keep your eye out for sleek designs that you could implement into your next design.

3. Graphic Tees From Thrift Shops

Can you tell that I love thrift shops?

Listen, besides being a sustainable way to shop and dress, going, searching, and shopping for graphic tees is an amazing, and let me say it again for those in the back, amazing way to find design inspiration.

Just head on over the graphic tee section of any thrift store or vintage store and start taking a look at the t-shirts.

You’ll find some terrible, terrible designs that will definitely show you what not to do, but on the flip side, you might just find the basis for your next design project.

Shirts from the ’70s, ’80s, and 2010s will surely inspire you in one way or another.

Take it from me!

And of course, you can always purchase the shirt that inspires you so you can mark the moment.

4. Architecture


👏 I 👏love 👏 it.

There are literally millions of different designs, and each one is so unique.

So many amazing, unexpected shapes, corners, and designs everywhere you look.

I recommend using Pinterest and searching for architecture, and you’ll be presented with hundreds of thousands of creations that you can gain inspiration from.

5. Walks in Nature

And finally, we come to our last, not so unexpected place to find inspiration.

Nature is the mother of all design.

And so, it’s no surprise that the ultimate place for you to find inspiration is in your own backyard, town, and national parks.

Everywhere you look in nature, you will always find beauty.

Everything has an intricate design if you look close enough.

So take a break, take a walk, and find your inspiration in nature.

Wrapping up

So take a stroll outside, to your nearest thrift store, or scroll on Pinterest.

Beauty is all around you, all you have to do is look for it.

Until next time,

Stay inspired, folks.

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