Cloud storage is the future, and pCloud makes it easy for all of us. It is Europe’s most secure cloud storage, is super easy to use, and offers the best free plan in the market — up to 10 GB of free cloud storage for a lifetime.

pCloud works on all OSs (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), mobile devices (iOS, Android), and the web so you can access and store your files with any of these devices. The sync and backups are made in real-time, so any modification you make will be instantly seen on all the other devices.

Regarding computer backups, pCloud lets you choose any local folder to be backed up. The backups are made automatically, in real time, and you can access older versions for up to 1 year.

As for file sharing, it offers many interesting features, such as password-protected download, expiration date, and upload/download access.

pCloud offers a free version – with limited features – or pick the premium plan with advanced features, one-time payment, and a bundle of features.

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