It’s that time again to highlight our new collection of tools and resources for our fellow developers. In this edition, we bring you a powerful automation tool for streamlining repetitive tasks, a modern WordPress theme boilerplate generator, and new initiative from that simplifies local WordPress setup. We believe that all these resources will improve your productivity. So let’s dive in!

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (April 2023)

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (April 2023)

In this month’s edition, we’ve got some resources that I’m sure will make you excited. We’ve got a… Read more


Zap is a plugin manager for Zsh that streamlines the installation, updating, and management of plugins, themes, and configurations. It provides a wide range of community-contributed plugins, including options for syntax highlighting, Git integration, NVM, and more, allowing you to enhance your computer’s Terminal experience.


Full Site Editing

Full Site Editing in WordPress introduces a new approach to theme development. It introduces a Site Editor for customizing templates, global styles for adjusting colors and typography, block themes for creating complete pages using blocks, and theme.json for developers to define default settings. This website aims to simplify the process of generating a theme boilerplate within this new paradigm by providing an easy to use form.

ull Site Editingull Site Editing


UnderscoreTW is a tool that generates a WordPress starter theme optimized for modern development using Tailwind CSS and Tailwind Typography. It comes with pre-configured Tailwind settings and allows customization via the theme.json file. The theme is compatible with Tailwind 3’s JIT compiler and includes JavaScript bundling using esbuild for efficient development.



Trurl is a command-line tool that simplifies URL parsing and manipulation for shell script. It eliminates the need for reinventing the wheel by utilizing the same URL parser as the curl command-line tool. It is also designed to address security concerns and make URL handling easier, it’s a perfect companion tool for working with URLs in scripts and command-line interface.



Icones is a web tool that provides a collection of popular icon sets, including Tabler, Bootstrap Icons, Ionicons, Octicons, and more. It aims to simplify the process of finding and using icons in projects by providing a user-friendly interface and workflow. Icones is also available as a VS Code extension and is planning to introduce a desktop app in the near future.



Million.js is a lightweight library that significantly enhances the performance of a React component. This library integrates seamlessly with React by merely wrapping the component. It optimizes the virtual DOM, leading to improved rendering and loading efficiency, which can be up to 70% faster. Utilizing Million.js can be an easy win for those who desire to optimize their React.js applications.


Gradient Style is a user-friendly website for generating CSS gradients. It supports various gradient types, real-time previews, and generates corresponding CSS code for easy adding in your websites. On top of that, it supports the latest CSS Color 4 specification including oklch, lch, and hsl.

Gradient StyleGradient Style


Vant provides a wide range of customizable and reusable UI components, such as buttons, forms, and navigation elements built for Vue.js. It aims to simplify the development process by offering ready-to-use components with consistent styles and behavior.



Infisical is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted secret management platform. It centralizes secrets like API keys, database credentials, and configurations, offering a user-friendly dashboard for easy management across teams, projects and environments. It also provides seamless integration through SDKs, a CLI, including simple deployments to AWS or Digital Ocean.



EnvPane is a convenient app for managing environment variables on macOS. It allows you to easily view, add, edit, and remove environment variables through a user-friendly interface without the need for command-line operations or editing configuration files manually.



Pasteboard-Viewer is a macOS app that provides a convenient way to inspect the contents of the system clipboard. It allows you to view and analyze the data stored in the clipboard, which can be useful for troubleshooting, debugging, or simply understanding the data being copied.


Plugin PHP

The plugin-php is an extension of‘s capabilities that enables the automatic formatting of PHP code. You can utilize this tool to ensure your PHP code and your team adheres to a standardized and easily readable format. Try it out on its Online Playground to see how it operates.

Plugin PHPPlugin PHP


Leantime is an open-source lean project management system. It provides a range of features such as task tracking, milestone management, team collaboration, and time tracking. Serving as an excellent alternative to SaaS platforms like ClickUp, Notion, Asana, it’s a suitable fit for diverse needs, from startups to enterprise-level businesses.



Nitro is an open-source TypeScript framework for running a web server. It offers rapid development with zero config setup and HMR for development. You can deploy anywhere, including AWS, Deno, DigitalOcean, and even Github Pages without needing additional configuration.



Katana is an open-source crawling and web-spidering framework. It provides powerful features such as customizable spidering rules, concurrency control, dynamic target discovery, and support for various output formats.


Lucia Auth

Lucia is a user and session management library that offers a straightforward and adaptable approach to authentication. It acts as an intermediary between your application and the database, providing a simplified and easily comprehensible solution. With a minimalist design, Lucia prioritizes simplicity and user-friendliness.

Lucia AuthLucia Auth


Lucia is a user and session management library that simplifies the process of managing users and validating sessions. It offers database adapters for seamless integration with popular databases and ORMs, and supports frameworks like SvelteKit, Next.js, Express, and Astro. It also includes packages for handling authentication strategies like OAuth, providing developers with a flexible solution.



Lychee is a web-based photo management system that can be installed on your server within seconds. You can easily upload, organize, and share your photos as if using a native application. It provides all the necessary features, ensuring the secure storage of your precious photos.


HTTPie App

HTTPie has released a web app designed for interacting with APIs. This app provides the functionality of the Terminal version, but with a sleek UI. Users can utilize the web app to:

  • Work easily with APIs
  • Leverage AI-assistance to make their work more seamless
  • Organize API with spaces and collections
  • Add parameterized requests
  • Achieve seamless sync across multiple devices

Furthermore, the app enables users to build and preview requests, even when offline or without having an account.

HTTPie AppHTTPie App


wp-now is a development environment from, the same environment that powers WordPress Playground. It provides a more seamless setup and currently the fastest method to create a local WordPress site. This tool is believed to change how developers work with WordPress in the future.


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