Engaging in an online project necessitates effective collaboration, meticulous service evaluation, and adept task management to optimize productivity. It is fortunate that a plethora of tools exist to facilitate these endeavors in the digital realm. However, given the vast array of options, selecting the most suitable tool can be a daunting task.

Upon comprehensive research, I have curated a list of essential tools and services tailored for designers and developers. This compilation encompasses WordPress themes, sophisticated website builders, rigorous testing services, invoicing solutions, and more.

Let’s take a look.

ClickUp – Comprehensive project management.


ClickUp is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify your project management tasks. Its user-friendly interface and diverse features ensure a smooth experience for daily operations. Here are some highlights:

  • Break down tasks, link them, automate processes, and use tags with over 30 ClickApps.
  • Integrate with over 100 other apps, bringing all your preferred tools under one roof.
  • Collaborate with your team using interactive whiteboards.
  • Organize your projects efficiently with the Kanban board.

While you can access basic ClickUp features for free indefinitely, there are premium options ranging from $5 to $19 monthly for added functionalities and larger teams. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and has extensions for Chrome, email, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS.

ListingPro – Directory website builder.

ListingPro ToolListingPro Tool

ListingPro is a trusted tool, with users spanning over 170 countries. It’s a top pick for entrepreneurs, web designers, and developers alike. Here’s why many, including myself, appreciate it:

  • Basic features are ready to use without the need for extra plugins.
  • Building a directory website similar to Yelp, FourSquare, or Zomato is straightforward, even without prior experience or coding knowledge.
  • Quick installation and demo import make setting up a breeze.

The standard license costs $69. This includes six months of technical support, hassle-free setup guidance, a 1-Click demo import, ongoing free updates, and comprehensive step-by-step documentation.

Userfeel – Website usability testing.

Userfeel ToolUserfeel Tool

Userfeel offers an efficient way to conduct website usability tests without breaking the bank. Their diverse panel boasts over 20,000 testers fluent in 40 languages. This means you can receive feedback in your preferred language, even if the website being tested is in a different one.

Here’s how it works: You “employ” testers to navigate your website. Within a day, you’ll receive a video capturing their user experience. To ensure relevant feedback, you can select testers based on demographics like age, nationality, language, and web proficiency.

Additionally, Userfeel lets you compile highlight videos pinpointing key issues. These videos can be saved locally or uploaded discreetly to YouTube for easy sharing. The pricing is straightforward: $49 for desktop tests and $99 for mobile/tablet evaluations, with no recurring fees.

DealJumbo – Design bundles marketplace.

DealJumbo ImageDealJumbo Image

DealJumbo is a treasure trove for design enthusiasts, offering a wide array of design bundles. Some of these bundles are exclusive to DealJumbo, thanks to their unique partnerships. From premium fonts and graphics to mock-ups, discounted items, and even products priced under $10, there’s something for everyone.

What’s more, the items come with an extended license, allowing unlimited use for commercial projects. And if you’re on the lookout for freebies, DealJumbo has you covered with over 1580 free fonts and graphics, all available with a standard commercial license.

Brizy – WordPress page builder.

Brizy Tool ImageBrizy Tool Image

Brizy stands out as a top-tier WordPress page builder, enabling users to craft stunning websites effortlessly. With over 150 ready-to-use design blocks at your disposal, you can either customize them or start from scratch. The best part? No coding expertise is needed.

You can give Brizy a spin for free on their website. Any designs you create can be saved as HTML and used wherever you like, be it personal or business projects. Many, including myself, find the outcomes to be on par with premium WordPress themes.

Deeezy – Design deals website.

Deeezy Tool ImageDeeezy Tool Image

Deeezy is a hub for design deals, catering to web professionals. Here, you can discover both free and premium design elements like fonts, graphics, and vectors at a fraction of their usual price. It’s a great resource for unique assets to elevate your projects.

actiTIME – Online project time tracker.

actiTIME Tool ImageactiTIME Tool Image

actiTIME is a renowned online tool for project time tracking. It offers features like time logging, leave registration, and weekly timesheet comments. The interface is customizable, allowing users to tailor the tool to their preferences and hide unused features. A demo is available for those interested in exploring its capabilities.

Notism – Visual content collaboration.

Notism Tool ImageNotism Tool Image

Notism is a collaborative platform designed for seamless discussions on visual content. It allows teams and stakeholders to comment and sketch in real-time, create prototypes, conduct usability tests, and manage project tasks. Its versatility makes it a time-saving asset for various work domains within organizations.

Goodie Website – Web development service.

Goodie Website Tool ImageGoodie Website Tool Image

Goodie offers a web development service that promises high-quality websites at a starting price of $999. This cost covers the creation of a basic, responsive, and functional site. Additional features, such as custom plugins or animations, are priced separately. If design services are also on your list, Goodie has got you covered. You can explore their portfolio to gauge their expertise and creativity.

Codester – Web design marketplace.

Codester Tool ImageCodester Tool Image

Codester is a marketplace tailored for web designers and developers. It’s a place where one can purchase or sell items like PHP scripts, website themes, plugins, graphics, and more. Don’t forget to peek at the Flash Sale section, where you can find valuable resources at significant discounts.

Designhooks – Free web design resources.

Designhooks Tool ImageDesignhooks Tool Image

Designhooks is a meticulously organized website brimming with free resources tailored for web designers and developers. All the materials are hand-selected from talented designers globally and are neatly categorized, ensuring you find what you need with ease.

Uncode – Flexible WordPress theme.

Uncode Tool ImageUncode Tool Image

Uncode is a pristine WordPress theme designed for effortless customization without any coding. It stands out for its adaptability, boasting 50 ready-to-use Concepts and over 200 layouts. With Uncode, your creativity sets the boundaries.

Pixpa – Portfolio website builder.

Pixpa Tool ImagePixpa Tool Image

Pixpa offers a robust drag-and-drop builder, enabling users to craft a beautiful portfolio website. This platform integrates e-commerce, client proofing, and blogging functionalities. Even without prior experience or coding knowledge, Pixpa is user-friendly and comprehensive. You can explore its features with a 15-day free trial, no credit card required.

Format – Free website template.

Format Tool ImageFormat Tool Image

Format offers a stunning free website template, making it an ideal choice for designers, agencies, web studios, and freelancers seeking a professional online presence.

ContentSnare – Content collection tool.

ContentSnare Tool ImageContentSnare Tool Image

ContentSnare streamlines the process of gathering content from clients, eliminating the usual challenges. While it’s primarily designed for web designers, it’s versatile enough for various professionals, including bookkeepers, digital marketers, coaches, and engineers.

uSocial – Social media buttons creator.

uSocial Tool ImageuSocial Tool Image

uSocial offers stylish “Like” and “Share” buttons that are adaptable to all devices. With a user-friendly builder, you can integrate these buttons onto your website in just a few minutes. The platform supports various social media platforms, including Facebook, X, and LinkedIn. Plus, you can monitor engagement with its statistics and share counter tools.

Instant Logo Design – Quick logo creation.

Instant Logo Design Tool ImageInstant Logo Design Tool Image

When you’re pressed for time and on a budget but need a captivating logo, Instant Logo Design has got you covered. This easy-to-use platform can produce a quality logo in under a minute, with prices starting at just $29.

uCalc – Online calculator templates.

uCalc Tool ImageuCalc Tool Image

uCalc.pro provides a range of online calculator templates suitable for various websites, from construction services to restaurants. With its intuitive builder, you can design a calculator without any coding knowledge. Additionally, the calculator can gather contact information, send email notifications, and even generate PayPal invoices.

Inkydeals – Discounted design deals.

Inkydeals Tool ImageInkydeals Tool Image

Inkydeals offers a wide range of digital design deals at significant discounts for web professionals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, you’ll find top-notch resources at unbeatable prices on their platform.

Crello – Visual design tool.

Crello Tool ImageCrello Tool Image

Crello is a user-friendly design tool tailored for creating eye-catching visuals. It’s suitable for both novices and seasoned designers. Designed with marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and social media experts in mind, Crello offers over 12,000 free templates and a vast collection of over 60 million stock photos.

MailMunch – Email list growth tool.

MailMunch Tool ImageMailMunch Tool Image

MailMunch is a trusted tool used by over 50,000 websites to enhance lead generation and growth. It offers a versatile approach to capturing leads by providing various opt-in forms, including popups, embedded forms, top bars, and slide boxes. While there’s a free version available, premium plans with advanced features start at $15 per month.

Elementor – WordPress page builder.

Elementor Tool ImageElementor Tool Image

Elementor is a robust WordPress page builder that empowers over 900,000 users to craft beautiful websites. With its intuitive, real-time interface, users can seamlessly design and elevate their web presence without any hassle.

Controlio – PC activity monitor.

Controlio Tool ImageControlio Tool Image

Controlio offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes to monitor their employees’ computer activities remotely. It allows managers to view an employee’s desktop, determine their availability, and track the applications and websites they access. With its versatile monitoring capabilities, Controlio can be adapted to various usage scenarios.

UptimeRobot – Website uptime checker.

UptimeRobot Tool ImageUptimeRobot Tool Image

UptimeRobot ensures that your website remains operational and accessible. With its 50 monitors that check your site every 5 minutes, you can be assured of its uptime. This service, trusted by over 500,000 users, offers this monitoring completely free of charge.

InvoiceBerry – Invoicing platform.

InvoiceBerry Tool ImageInvoiceBerry Tool Image

InvoiceBerry streamlines the invoicing process, allowing users to create and send fully personalized invoices in under a minute. Beyond invoicing, it offers features like expense tracking and report generation. Plans start at a reasonable $15 per month.

StickerYou – Custom stickers and labels.

StickerYou Tool ImageStickerYou Tool Image

StickerYou specializes in producing custom-made labels, decals, stickers, and even temporary tattoos. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand with vinyl logo stickers or express yourself with unique designs, StickerYou has got you covered. It’s time to make your message memorable!

Foxy.io – Custom e-commerce platform.

Foxy.io Tool ImageFoxy.io Tool Image

Foxy.io is paving the way for innovative e-commerce solutions. With its hosted cart and payment page, you can seamlessly sell any product or service using your existing website or platform. It’s designed for easy integration with platforms like WordPress, Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, and any other platform where you can embed HTML or add a link. Plus, it offers features like coupons, live shipping rates, automatic tax calculations, and more.

Pofo – Multipurpose WordPress theme.

Pofo Tool ImagePofo Tool Image

Pofo is a versatile and modern Bootstrap responsive theme tailored for both corporate and portfolio WordPress sites. With 25 pre-designed homepage demos, it boasts of sharp graphics and a plethora of contemporary features that elevate the look of any website. Not only is Pofo incredibly fast, but it’s also optimized for search engines, ready for WooCommerce, and comes bundled with the WPBakery page builder and revolution slider.

RumbleTalk – Web chat tool.

RumbleTalk Tool ImageRumbleTalk Tool Image

RumbleTalk offers a web chat solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your website in just a few minutes. This direct line of communication with your website visitors can lead to improved conversions. RumbleTalk offers a free plan to get started, with the option to upgrade for access to advanced features when needed.

WrapPixel – Web templates provider.

WrapPixel Tool ImageWrapPixel Tool Image

WrapPixel specializes in offering a variety of templates, including PSD templates, website templates, and admin dashboard templates, among others. Their focus is on delivering high-quality items, ensuring that users receive the best possible products for their needs.

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