It’s a new month, and it’s time to share some exciting resources for web developers. In this edition, we’re introducing new web apps, tools, and plenty of resources to learn about AI. Additionally, there’s a tool for creating color scales, a self-hosted backup solution for mobile devices, a quick way to check internet speed, and much more.

Let’s dive into the full list.

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (October 2023)

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (October 2023)

It’s time for another round of Fresh Resources for our fellow web designers and developers. This month’s collection… Read more


Monaspace is a new monospace font family from GitHub. It’s like a modern take on traditional monospace fonts, offering five distinct styles to add flair to your coding experience.

Check out our list of 20 free monospace fonts.

Monaspace font previewMonaspace font preview

Laravel Shift Blueprint

Blueprint is a Laravel code generator that makes building components a breeze. Its simple YAML syntax and Laravel integration let you quickly create factories, migrations, and more.

Laravel Shift Blueprint interfaceLaravel Shift Blueprint interface


ts-pattern is a TypeScript library for “Pattern Matching,” offering a smarter way to write conditions. It’s like an advanced if/else or switch, available now even though it’s still a proposal for ECMAScript.

ts-pattern library examplets-pattern library example

WP Performance Tests

wp-performance-tests, a GitHub Action, helps measure WordPress site performance. It analyzes data from Server-Timing headers and uses Lighthouse for deeper insights, aiding in site speed optimization.

WP Performance Tests in actionWP Performance Tests in action


Orbit is a Laravel package for file-based data management. It allows manipulation of files using Laravel Eloquent methods, offering a unique alternative to traditional databases.

Orbit package interfaceOrbit package interface

Vue Storefront UI

Storefront UI is a versatile library for e-commerce sites. It offers fast, accessible, and customizable components for creating Headless e-commerce websites.

Vue Storefront UI componentsVue Storefront UI components


Scale is a tool for creating color scales. It’s useful for design, data visualization, and more, simplifying the process of making attractive color combinations.

Scale color tool interfaceScale color tool interface


Deno KV is a key-value database for Deno, ensuring data integrity and reliability in JavaScript. It can be deployed on Deno Deploy or your own hosting setup.

DenoKV database interfaceDenoKV database interface


Iles is a modern static-site generator that uses “partial hydration” for better performance. It combines Vue, MDX, and Vite.js for a smooth development process. In production, it smartly loads only necessary JavaScript for interactive components, boosting site speed for users.

Iles static-site generator interfaceIles static-site generator interface

Free Programming Books

This extensive collection by the Ebook Foundation offers a range of free programming books. It includes various languages, frameworks, and tools, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in programming and development.

Collection of free programming booksCollection of free programming books

Vite PWA

Vite PWA simplifies creating Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It’s adaptable to any UI framework, offers easy-to-use default settings, customization options, and supports offline use.

Vite PWA development toolVite PWA development tool

Cloudflare Speed Test

Cloudflare Speed Test checks your internet speed and reliability. It compares your ISP’s promised speed with actual performance, tests different ISPs, and evaluates network connectivity. The tests run on Cloudflare’s global network for accurate, interference-free results.

Cloudflare Speed Test interfaceCloudflare Speed Test interface


Immich is a self-hosted backup solution for photos and videos on mobile devices. It lets you securely store media files on your private storage, giving you full control and offering personalized management features.

Immich backup solution interfaceImmich backup solution interface

Helix Editor

Helix Editor is a Rust-based text editor with Vim-like features. Inspired by Kakoune and Neovim, it offers modal editing, multiple selections, and built-in language support, enhancing productivity with its extensive shortcuts and keymaps.

Helix Editor interfaceHelix Editor interface


pkgx is a versatile, cross-platform tool for executing various commands. It goes beyond npx, offering broader functionality across different platforms, making it a versatile choice for diverse operations.

pkgx command execution toolpkgx command execution tool


AgentGPT lets you create your own AI companions. You can give them names, set goals, and watch them learn and improve as they perform tasks. It’s an exciting way to experiment with AI and see it in action.

AgentGPT AI creation interfaceAgentGPT AI creation interface

Generative AI for Beginners

This course by Microsoft Cloud Advocates, featuring 12 lessons, is a practical guide to building Generative AI applications. It covers key concepts and application development, equipping learners with the skills to create and innovate with Generative AI.

Generative AI course interfaceGenerative AI course interface

Vercel AI SDK

The Vercel AI SDK is a toolkit for developing AI-driven text and chat interfaces. It supports React, Svelte, Vue, and Solid, integrates with SWR, and works well with AI platforms like OpenAI, Hugging Face, and others. It’s a great starting point for AI application development.

Vercel AI SDK interfaceVercel AI SDK interface

Awesome ChatGPT

This is a curated collection of ChatGPT-related resources, including tools, libraries, tutorials, and more. It’s a comprehensive guide for developers and AI enthusiasts interested in ChatGPT and its applications.

Awesome ChatGPT resource collectionAwesome ChatGPT resource collection


Gitleaks helps secure your code by detecting sensitive information in public repositories. It’s versatile, customizable, and can integrate into CI/CD pipelines to prevent data leaks during code integration and deployment.

Gitleaks security tool interfaceGitleaks security tool interface

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