Let’s be honest here, web scraping isn’t the most fun task in the world. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest, either. Scrapestack aims to change all of that by making things simple. No, you probably won’t be screaming with joy while running a scraping API, but thanks to Scrapestack, you won’t be pulling your hair out or losing any sleep over it, either.



What makes Scrapestack different?

If you’ve ever used a web scraping API, you know that it’s just a bunch of data. Scrapestack, like any other good scraping API makes all of this data easy to digest. But, they do it in milliseconds. Yeah you heard me, milliseconds. You’ll be gathering data faster than the web developers can produce it. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you catch my drift. It’s 




What does Scrapestack have to offer?

Ah, the real reason we’re all here. Talk is cheap in the SaaS world. What really matters is what you offer. So, the wait is over, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Millions of proxies and IPs

Use Scrapestack’s massive network of 35+ million datacenter and residential IP addresses spread across dozens of global ISPs.

  • 100+ Global locations

You have lots of choices when it comes to sending your web scraping API requests. In fact, you have over 100. Or, you can simply use random geo-targets. It’s up to you.

  • Unrivaled infrastructure

Scrape the web with speed that even The Flash would be jealous of. Enjoy advanced features that you won’t find anywhere else while you’re at it.

  • Free option

Let’s be frank again and say that of course they have premium options. But, the free option is always a good place to start, and not everyone offers one. Scrapestack does, however, and it comes with everything you need to get started. But, I’m pretty sure you’ll be upgrading before too long.

Scrapestack is the world’s most trusted web scraping API

I’ve always felt much better when buying an online tool if I see that a big brand uses it, too. Well, the story for Scrapestack is a little different. They don’t have one single trusted brand… they have a ton. In fact, they have some of the biggest brands in the world using them.



With names like YouTube, Facebook, and even Amazon, you can pretty much guarantee that Scrapestack is a beast. These are all titans in their given industries, and they all choose Scrapestack.

Bringing it home

Scrapestack currently offers 5 different packages. Each level completely depends on your needs, as they all scale depending on the size of the requests needed. 



I’ll be real, each package is an absolute steal based on what you get. I really appreciate how they have an option for any company at any size. I mean, depending on the package, you can get anywhere from 10,000 requests all the way up to 3,000,000 and beyond. The capabilities truly are limitless.

So the takeaway? You’re spending way too much time reading this! You should be signing up right now. Thank me later. You know, after you’ve signed up and all. Enjoy!

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